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Rank Maintenance/Advancement

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Rank Maintainance

What is Pay Rank Maintenance?

“Pay Rank Maintenance” means the number of months that an IR is required to achieve the monthly rank requirements to get promoted to Platinum Star rank and above.

 Rank Advancement

What is the lowest Rank in the Compensation Plan?

The lowest Rank in the Compensation Plan is Bronze Star Rank.

Do I have to achieve and maintain my Rank Advancement requirements every month to keep being paid as per my current Pay Rank?

Yes, an IR who fails to achieve the Monthly Rank Maintenance for Gold Star and above, will be demoted to a lower Pay Rank based on his/her achievement but not to a Rank below Silver Star rank.

Can BV lag affect my Rank advancement?

BV Lag does not affect your rank advancement.

Can I skip a Rank?

No, IR is not allowed to skip rank. You need to fulfill each rank requirement before you move to the next rank.

What is Rank Advancement?

“Rank Advancement” means an IR will be promoted to a new rank when he/she meets all of the requirements for the new rank as set out in P&P, Schedule 3 of Appendix 1 within a fixed Month period.

Can I carry forward any excess Business Volume (BV) from my new Direct Referrals for Rank Advancement?

Yes, Direct BV can be accumulated from Directly Referred Retail Customers and Direct Referrals (new and existing). Direct BV can be carried forward up to one (1) year from transaction date.

How to monitor my Rank Advancement in the Virtual Office?

Login to your virtual office, go to My Activity and Performance (VO 1) or Performance Reports (VO 2) >> Select Rank Dashboard.

Can I carry forward any excess of Repeat Sales Points (RSP) achieved by either personal purchase or retail sales of QNET products in Rank Advancement?

Yes, achieved by either personal purchase or retail sales of QNET products are Personal RSP, and can be carried forward up to one (1) year from transaction date. 50 Personal RSP is an optional requirement for rank advancement and maintenance for Bronze Star and Silver Star.

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