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Virtual Office Password

How can I change my virtual office password?

To reset your password: For Countries with No Security Question and words.
– Login to your Virtual Office
– Click on “My Proflle”
– Click on “Change Password”
– Enter old password, new password, retype new password
– Click Update

How to retrive my Virtual office password?

To retrive your password:
– Go to Virtual office login page
– Click on “Forgot Password” enter your IR ID
– Check your registered email address
– Click on the link to reset your password and follow the steps

How can I send a request to retrive my password?

For faster turnaround time click this link in order to change the password yourself. Refer to Q1

If you forget your email address, follow the below steps:
1. Go to QNET Website click on Help Centre.
2. Click on ” Contact Us”, fill up your information
– State your concern (e.g. Forget Password) and your old and new email address.
– Attach a copy of your valid ID with file size less than 5MB
– Enter the Captcha code and click “Submit”

Security Question & Words

Why is my Q Account blocked?

If you enter the wrong Q account pin code for 3 times, your Q Account will be blocked.

How to unblock my Q Account?

You need to send a request via help centre and attach a copy of your valid ID with file size less than 5MB.

How to reset my Security Question and Words?

To reset your Security Question and Words:
– Login to your Virtual Office
– Click “Tools” / “My Q Account”
– Click “Reset Security Question” 
– Enter the Q Account pincode and click on validate.
– An email will be sent to you with the verification code.
– Check your email and use the verification code number (*Verification code is only active for 10 minutes).
– Enter the reset code that is sent to your registered email address and click “Continue”
– Create your New Security Question and Words and click “Update”.

Note: Please create a New Security Question and Words as the previously used credentials will not be accepted by the System.

Q Account Pin Code

How can I change my expired pin code?

To change your expired pin code:
– Login to your Virtual Office
– Click on “Tools” / “My Q Account”
– Choose “Manage pin code”
– Insert your Security question and Word
– Enter your old pin code, new pin code, re-enter new pin code
– Then choose the renewal period and click on “Update”

How to retrieve my pin code?

You may send us a request via Help centre, please follow below steps:
1. Go to your Virtual Office click on Help centre.
2. Click on ” Contact us”, fill up your information
– State your concern
– Attach your valid ID less than 5MB
– Please enter the Captcha code
– Lastly click “Submit”

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