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IR Declaration Form  |  Residential Country is not available  |  

IR Declaration Form

What is the IR Declaration Form?

The IR Declaration Form ensures that new IRs understand and acknowledge that they are signing up as Independent Representatives of QNET’s direct selling business. It also serves as a control measurement against potential misrepresentation.

Why was the IR Declaration Form implemented?

The IR Declaration Form was implemented to confirm awareness among the new and existing IRs on what they signed up for, as well as the code of conduct while they are affiliated to QNET.

This is part of a series of initiatives to identify and address the most pressing challenges faced by the company and the IRs. The initiative’s overall goal is to safeguard the reputation of the company and solidify business growth.

What part of the registration will include the new step on the IR Declaration Form? Which markets and which platforms?

The IR Declaration Form will be implemented in two ways:
(1) For new IRs who will register on or after 10 March 2020, the IR Declaration Form will appear before the payment page during the registration process;
Add Diagram 1 – Refer to to Tab picture infographic
(2) For existing IRs who registered before 10 March 2020, the IR Declaration Form will appear before their product payment page.
Add Diagram 2 – Refer to to Tab picture infographic
All IRs must review and understand the contents of the declaration and confirm electronically before they proceed on the registration and/or product purchase. IRs will receive a copy of the IR Declaration Form by email at least one (1) week after they confirm the IR Declaration Form.

IRs who will not confirm the statements in the IR Declaration Form will not be able to register or purchase products from the QNET e-Store.

This is a one-time requirement that will be implemented to all markets where QNET operates in. It will be in full effect across all QNET channels and applications (web and QNET Mobile App).

We will create an application that allows IRs to upload a photo of their government-issued ID card. The system will read the details on the card and check these against government databases to confirm the ID is real. These details will be stored in our database, used to process the enrolment, and stored to facilitate IRs’ business or government requirements. IRs will then be asked to take a selfie, and this will be matched to the photo on the ID card. Finally, IRs will be able to read and sign the necessary agreements within the application. This will allow the company to speed up registration by removing manual forms, enabling the company to go paper free while also ensuring there is greater security and protection for our IRs.

How will the IR Declaration Form affect me?

This initiative reminds all QNET IRs to always adhere to the Company’s Policies and Procedures and Code of Conduct. Most importantly, this is our message that we are serious about building a professional, long term business.  

Residential Country is not available

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