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Digital Product Enquiry

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What is VTube?

VTube is an online video community for dedicated to network marketing.

From inspiring stories and exclusive V-Convention content to announcements, product reviews, and more, VTube houses a rich library of online videos that serve as great training tools for network marketing professionals.

VTube is accessible on any device, such as desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones through the vtube app available at Google Play Store or App Store.

How do I receive my password for VTube?

Once you activate your vtube account, you will receive an email with your password in your registered email address.

How to Log in VTube?

Go to  https://vtube.net/

Click LOG IN button, which is located at the upper right corner of the website.

Enter your registered email and password, and click LOG IN to proceed.

How to purchase and activate VTube from IR estore?

Refer to infographic – https://vtube.net/Resources/vtube/images/faqs/WORLDPLAN.png
For the infographic refer to Picture Infographic tab.

How to purchase and activate VTube as a Retail Customer?

Refer to infographic – https://vtube.net/Resources/vtube/images/faqs/LOCALPLAN.png
For the infographic refer to Picture Infographic tab


Where can I find my QLearn password?

You may find the QLearn username and password in the welcome letter sent to your registered email address upon purchase.


Please log in to this website https://www.myqlearn.net/#/access/signin
and retrieve the password by clicking “Forgot Password”.

How to activate QLearn course?

You can activate your course by following below steps:
– Log in to your virtual office
– Click on qLearn banner on the bottom right side
– Click on “Activate”


– Click on “Digital Product”
– Click on the drop down menu next to qLearn
– Click on “Activate”

Please note: Once your course is activated, you will have one year to complete.

How many language(s) are offered in QLearn courses ?

YDepending on the availability, QLearn courses are offered in Arabic, English, French and Russian.

What can I do if my course(s) is about to expire?

You can extend your course for 3 months by paying USD20 in ecards.

May I know to which university or institution QLearn education program is linked with?

Our QLearn courses are developed in the UK and endorsed by Quest International University.
To learn more about our QLearn products, please login to your virtual office, click on Business Tools and you will find all the information and the FAQ under our QLearn education guide.

What if my QLearn account is blocked?

Send an email to [email protected] to unblock your QLearn account.

What if I forgot my QLearn password?

If for any reason you have forgotten your password, go to the log in page at www.myqlearn.net, click on “Forgot password?”, then follow the steps.

Can I transfer the QLearn course to anyone?

Once you activate the course, you may transfer to another person. Please send an email to [email protected] with the full name of the new person for the course transfer.

What should I do if I did not receive my QLearn welcome letter?

Send an email to [email protected] to get your welcome letter.

How to get the certificate upon course completion?

Once you have completed all sections and passed your quiz, you may download your certificate from your qLearn account under “My Achievements”.

Swiss E-Learning

I tried to access the Swiss E-Learning website, but it redirects me to another page, please help?

Swiss E-Learning website is no longer accessible, as the platform has been discontinued. For further assistance, please send us an email to [email protected].

I have not completed my course and not able to login to the Swiss E-Learning website, what should I do?

We regret to inform you that Swiss E-Learning course has been discountinued. If you have purchased or activated your course in 2019, we would like to offer you a course exchange to our QLearn program.
You may choose a QLearn course from our eStore and send us a request through Help Centre and mention the chosen course.

Why is Swiss E-Learning no longer available?

We are improving our products and services constantly, hence we always strive to provide you better products for your needs. Please check out our new product qLearn which has more courses available in English, Arabic, French and Russian languages.

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