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Shapers is a body sliming garment that helps shape the overall body. Shapers is made from a fabric called Novarel Slim which is tested and considered non-irritating and non-sensitising. The friction between the skin and Shapers garments causes the slimming effect. Through this friction, the Shapers assists in the slimming process. To achieve the desired results, use Shapers for 8 hours a day. Results will usually vary depending on the fitness and diet regime.

Key Benefits

The caffeine in the woven thread makes the fabric softer, thinner, lighter and breathable, allowing it to wrap tightly round the body while also comfortable to wear

Shapers uses Micro-Encapsulation Technology that contains active plant extracts allowing the body to absorb at least 98% of the extract. The absorption of the extracts will produce the following results:

a.    Fights against fat accumulation

b.    Manages body weight

c.    Alleviates cellulites

d.    Increases the metabolic rate

e.    Promotes moisture and elasticity to the skin

f.    Eliminates stretch marks

The fabric has been tested by DERMSCAN Group, an authorised clinical testing centre appointed by the Ministry of Health and Ministry of Research, France.Application

·       Ingredients encapsulated by the microfibre

1.    Vitamin A & Retinol

     a.    Vitamin A and Retinol are cell regenerators. They stimulate the synthesis of collagen while collagen is a protein that is responsible for skin resistance.


 2.    Caffeine

     a.    Caffeine is used as the most active ingredient in many slimming products. It has the ability to burn fatty acids. It increases metabolism and aids in water retention. It also aids in increasing energy expenditure, therefore burning fat and carbohydrates.


 3.    Ceramides

     a.    Ceramides is used to restore the skin barrier system, causing it to look toner.


 4.    Vitamin E

     a.    Vitamin E helps to improve the skin natural firmness as well as keeping the skin hydrated. Vitamin E also fights free radicals that are responsible for skin ageing.


 5.    Aloe Vera

     a.    Aloe Vera is an excellent skin moisturiser, supplying oxygen to the skin cells which in turn increases the strength and synthesis of skin tissue. It rejuvenates the skin, hydrates it, makes it flexible and allows the skin to heal quickly and naturally with minimal scarring. Aloe Vera also helps with minimising the visibility of stretch marks