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Professional Marketing

Professional Marketing

Essential to the QNET business is professional marketing practices. Clearly stated in QNET’s Vision and Core Values , professional marketing is considered the most important aspect when conducting business dealings and in the behaviour of our Independent Representatives (IRs). QNET has a publicly available Code of Ethics  and multilingual Policies & Procedures documents, and all IRs are required to sign a commitment to professional and ethical marketing upon joining the business .

QNET is backed by the QNET Advisory Board, comprised by a team of legal and direct selling professionals who offer industry advice and professional marketing guidelines to the company’s IRs.

In an industry that has at times been wrongly associated with unrelated, unsustainable marketing schemes and misunderstood due to a lack of legal framework in some countries, QNET strives to be a beacon of transparency and legitimate operations no matter where it does business. QNET enjoins all its IRs to adopt a consistent and professional attitude at all times.

QNET Professional Marketing Flyer