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Compensation Plan

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Competitive Compensation Plan

How to become a QNet Independent Representative

Retail Profit

Sell QNET Products to customers and earn the difference between the retail price and your discounted price as an IR.

Step Commission

Earn weekly sales commissions from sales you and your team generate. Commission amount per step is determined by your active pay rank.

Early Payout

New IRs who achieve the required Business Volume (BV) in sales within the first 4 weeks earn their first step commission earlier!

Repeat Sales Commission

Earn Repeat Sales Points (RSP) from selling products to retail customers and from your personal purchase. Or earn RSP from sales of your downlines up to 10 levels!

Monthly Rank

Advancing and maintaining ranks will qualify you for higher commission rates, onstage recognition, exclusive travel incentives and more!

Rank Maintenance Bonus

Maintain the Diamond and Blue Diamond Star pay ranks for 6 consecutive months to receive more cash bonuses!

Year-Round Incentives

Earn rewards, points and incentives tied to regular product promotions and cash incentives.

How to Earn Retail Profit

QNET’s Independent Representatives have the opportunity to earn a retail profit commission by selling the products they love to others who they know will benefit from using it. It is a common myth that people can only make money by recruiting others to become IRs of QNET. When you or your team members sell products that other customers like to use, such as our homecare, nutrition, or personal care products, you earn a retail profit from these sales. Watch this video to learn more.

How to Earn Step Commissions

At QNET, you can earn commissions from selling the products you love. You can increase your income further by building your own sales team. By building your own sales team, you can earn commissions from the product sales that your team generates. This commission is called Step Commission. Watch this video to learn how to earn Step Commissions with QNET.